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Lobbying for mountain research with the European funding agencies to ensure that mountain research topics have a more prominent role in future funding calls is one of the current projects of the CH-AT coordination office in Bern.

This is a very big objective for a very small office! Thus, in 2014, we called on the MRI Europe network, which represents nearly 2’000 mountain researchers from all European countries, for help tackling this challenge. Many people answered the call and expressed interest in lobbying for mountain research within the EU. These scientists, who are well established within their research communities and have good contacts to the Horizon2020 contact points in their countries, form the informal “Mountain Research Advocacy Network”. The active core group as of April 2015 consists of Bulent Acma (TK), Bernat Claramunt (ES), Thomas Dax (AT), Igor Jelen (IT), Robert Kanka (SK), Gaël Le Roux (F), Martin Price (UK), Thomas Scheurer (CH), and Rolf Weingartner (CH).

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In two meetings in Vienna and Bern, the core group of a “Mountain Research Advocacy Network” developed an ambitious plan for 2015. A strategic paper with the tentative title “Mountains for Europe’s Future” should be ready by early 2016. This will be presented at the Roundtable “Key research themes for European mountains” at the “Mountains of our Future Earth Conference” at Perth in October 2015, and then fed into the Horizon 2020 consultation process to influence the 2018-2019 work programmes.

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